To anyone with friends & family in Ukraine: Orokii is here for you.


Orokii is working with TEMPO Payments to help money reach where it’s needed in Ukraine

Orokii is making a difference in Ukraine right now by enabling you to send money to friends and family who need your help. Blockchain-enabled Orokii makes cross-border payments fast, reliable and inexpensive, so you can easily help people in need in Ukraine this holiday season.

Certain limitations apply. Domestic Wallet-to-Wallet (W2W) transfers available within the United States. Wallet payment delivery available in the Philippines, Haiti, Colombia, China, and Pakistan. Transfers to bank accounts for all other countries served, including the Philippines, Colombia, China, and Pakistan.

Sending money securely is easy and fast!


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3x Lower Fees and Quick Delivery

Don’t worry about the high cost of money transfers. We deliver one of the lowest remittance transaction fees amongst online payment services. We use Blockchain security to provide Domestic wallet-to-wallet payment in under five seconds, ensuring your money reaches your recipient quickly.