Fees for Sending Money

Our fees are up to 3x lower than other money transfer providers. Unlike other providers that charge percentage points, which increase as the transfer amount increases, we charge a fixed transaction fee. This makes our fees more transparent and predictable, saving you money on small and large transfers.

You can use the calculator to see our cost and the currency rate before sending a transfer.

The amount, the currency (country) you’re transferring money to, and your payment method all affect our fees
Today’s exchange rate
1 USD =
Orokii fee


Adding Funds to your Orokii Wallet

When you add money to your Orokii wallet, a flat $2 platform fee is applied, regardless of the deposited amount. This means for every deposit you make, you will always be charged a fixed $2, regardless of the amount you deposit.

Send Money within the United States

Send funds through the Orokii app domestically without any charges. Transfer money freely to other Orokii users at zero cost. A modest fixed cross-border fee is applicable for international or non-US bank transfers..
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