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Frequently Asked Questions

About Orokii App

What platforms does Orokii support?
Orokii is currently available on both iOS and Android platforms. The web version is coming soon.
Why and how do we do it?
We believe that the remittance market today is very heterogeneous. We need a streamlined approach where different players can depend on each other and grow more uniformly. Orokii uses Stellar blockchain, which helps us use other blockchain endpoints to facilitate payments in a few seconds. We have a network of well-established partners who help us serve across different corridors.
How is Orokii different from other money transmitters?
Orokii uses Stellar blockchain technology that helps to facilitate payments in seconds. Orokii is the single most comprehensive solution that allows domestic and cross-border payments for individuals and businesses, apart from being time-efficient.
What are our services?
Orokii supports a broader range of services:
  • P2P domestic money transfers
  • P2P cross border money transfers
  • B2B domestic money transfers
  • B2B cross border money transfers
  • B2C domestic money transfers
  • B2C cross border money transfers
What is Orokii App?
The Orokii app allows you to send money to your friends and family. Also, the app allows businesses to pay for invoices, employee payroll, and remittances to other businesses. You can send money to friends and family domestically or cross-border using your smartphone.
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