Orokii Customer Complaint Procedure

How do I make a complaint?

We are sorry you did not get the service you would expect from Orokii. To make a complaint, please send us an email and include:

  • your Orokii membership number (beginning with P)
  • the payment order number(s) if your complaint is about a specific payment
  • what your complaint is about
  • what you would like us to do to fix it

What happens after I make a complaint?

Orokii will:

  • email you that we got your complaint
  • ask for any extra information if we need it
  • investigate your case and your concerns, referring to the Terms and Conditions
  • email you to explain what actions we took and why

We will investigate your case as quickly as possible and will send you a final response within the timeframe listed for your region.

Your region is based on the address you have on your Orokii account:

  • US: if we cannot send a final response within 10 working days, we will let you know. In some cases, we can take up to 90 days to check your case

What if I am not happy with the response?

If you are not happy with our final response, you can forward your complaint to the dispute body in your region.