A Guide to Download and Create Account on Google Authenticator

Download the Google Authenticator from the Google Play store.

Follow the instruction below to create a Google Authenticator (GA) account.

  1. Use the + sign (located on the bottom right) to add a new account on GA
  2. Select Enter a setup key
  3. Enter an account name (for example, Orokii App)
  4. Paste the Secret key you copied previously from the Orokii App to the Your key field
  5. Leave the Type of Key as Time based
  6. Tap the Add button to add the account
  7. Please copy the code by pressing on the generated code to copy it to the clipboard.

Go to the Orokii app and press anywhere in the six boxes to paste the code. A Paste Code popup will display; tap the Paste text to paste the code.


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